Dinorwic Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting

Pine Sunset Lodge: Northwestern Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting: The Dinorwic and Dryden areas have become legendary for Whitetail Deer Hunting. Deer hunters from all over North America have been taking notice of all the wild trophy bucks that have been harvested with a few that scored very close to the Hanson Buck. Not only is there a high population of Whitetail Deer; Whitetail Bucks in our area are very large with thick muscular bodies and big racks. All our hunts are in WMU 9A and WMU 8. We offer an unguided do-it-yourself hunt, which is basically just a cabin rental hunt. Our hunters report 95% sightings on nice bucks and 50% choose to harvest a buck to brag about. We also offer a full-service fully-guided hunt on private land. Hunters taking advantage of our private land hunts have enjoyed 100% success so far. We have had some really impressive bucks with many of them over 250 pounds dress weight. If you look at our photo gallery, you will see the bucks in our area have thick necks and nice racks.

Sandy Point Camp is located between Dryden and Ignace and south of Borups Corners, Ontario. It's also the located of the north-east corner of what many Whitetail Deer Hunters are calling the Whitetail Triangle. They have monster size buck all around their camp. They also offer hunting for Moose and Black Bear.

Merkel's Camp is located on Wabigoon Lake between Dryden and Dinorwic and in heart of Ontario's best hunting. Their family built the lodge back in 1963 and continue to be the top hunting outfitter in the area. They have outstanding private land Whitetail Deer hunting with massive Whitetail Buck being harvested. Each year there are several Whitetail Bucks spotted and harvested, which are well above the 160 B&C score. Some are over the 200 B&C. The Whitetail Bucks taken are an average of 275 lbs field dressed and have some up to 380 lbs. Generally they are in the 300 plus range. Most of our hunters prefer fair chase hunts with 70% success. Baited stands are available if that is the hunter's choice. They have 5 housekeeping lakefront cottages and are not far from their hunting areas. They also have hunting for Black Bear, Wolf, Grouse and Waterfowl. They have fantastic fishing.