St. Martins Island Deer Poachers Michigan

Below is the original email that has been circulating around the Internet

Straight from the Michigan DNR comes word of a raid on a poaching ring

From a DNR source:

"From our raid on St. Martins Island on Nov. 19, 2009. Thirty-one bucks and nine does on the pole. Nothing smaller than a seven-point. Another approximately 10 deer, antlers and heads found on the ground around the camp. A mix of smaller bucks and does. Ten deer without tags, approximately another 10 deer with wives'/girlfriends' tags. Investigation continues."

Two images of the meat pole are attached.

As always, Deer & Deer Hunting condemns all poaching. As such, poaching should not be confused with hunting. Hunters abide not only by the laws of their area, but by a personal code of ethics that is respectful to their quarry and their environment. Poachers commit acts of wanton destruction without regard to law or ethics.

The truth of these pictures is that poachers did not kill them. The Deer hunt was conducted on private land with legal tags as part of a Whitetail Deer population control program. This is St. Martins Island in Michigan. There are around 40 deer. Apparently 10 of the bucks were not properly tagged and there were some small fines. You may notice that the Game Wardens are posing in the picture with the hunters. Game Wardens do not pose with poachers.