Kejick Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting

Whitetail Camp is a boat-in lodge on remote Shoal Lake, which is a northwestern arm of Lake of the Woods. The closest settlement is Kejick, Ontario. Due to their remote location the locals never hunt the area thus there is 100s of square miles of prime Whitetail habitat that is exclusively hunter by their guests. Whitetail bucks in the area get very large because of the amount of food available. Because their location is farther south from most Whitetail hunting camps in northwest Ontario the deer are not exposed to winters that are as harsh as farther north. Trophy bucks are common with B&C scores commonly being over 170. Their accommodations are extremely nice as their cabins are fairly new and well maintained.

Northwest Outfitters is a remote outpost lodge on Shoal Lake, which is attached to Lake Of The Woods. Northwest Outfitters have excellent hunting for big Trophy Whitetail Deer. They also have an outpost camp which produces the biggest White Tailed Deer in North America. Most big Whitetail Bucks harvested are over 200 pounds and some real big ones will go over 340 pounds. Northwestern Ontario's Whitetail Bucks are huge. A lot of our hunters get real good chances at 150-170+B.C. Don is one of the top Whitetail guides in Ontario and he stops at nothing to make sure your meals and accommodations are spectacular and you have the most exciting Whitetail Deer hunting trip ever. They offer both housekeeping and American Plan accommodations.