Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting

John P. Boerschig Hunting Ranches is actually two 18,000 acre ranches located in Marfa and Brackettville Texas. They have unbelievable hunting for Whitetail Deer and Mule Deer with many trophies being harvested. They also have Pronghorn, Rio Grande Turkey and exotic big game hunting such as Aoudad Ram, Mouflan Ram, Cape Eland, Scimitar / Horned Oryx, Black Buck Antilope, Javelina, Feral Hog, Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Axis Deer and Buffalo. Make sure you check out their photo galleries. This is one serious Whitetail outfitter with a 100% success rate.

THIS IS NOT A GAME FARM: These are fare-chase hunts for wild big game. Most of the exotic animals were brought back from foreign countries by solders after WWI and WWII. Many were set free or escaped and now flourish in the Texas landscape. Game animals congregate around the many water stations build for their cattle; thus a very high success rate.